J2 Fusion

9000 E.Jefferson 8-11
Detroit, MI 48214
ph. 313-452-7444


J2 Fusion

All Jazz CD distributors. We would love to introduce the hottest new Jazz Dual group in the industry. J2G Records/Zoomoozik , Recording artist J2 Fusion . The group features Oasis disk singer, song writer Javonntte and artist, producer , song writer Sid Jenious. Please feal free to listen to the music before you order by clicking on the next link. Also click on the ZOOMOOZIK banner to hear more. J2G Records is also accepting orders for all four block buster albums and more music out side of the Jazz genre. To order please call us direct at 313-452-7444 for distribution to discuss product quantity and shipping info and also reply to us by email at j2grecords@yahoo.com ...
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