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Cliff Bell's


2030 Park Ave
Detroit, MI 48201
ph. (313) 961-2543


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Date Event Time / Price
Jan19Fri The Pat Bianchi Trio 9:00 pm
Feb2Fri Hughes Smith Quintet 9:00 pm
Mar17Sat Ben Rosenblum Trio 9:30 pm
Apr13Fri Rod Williams Quartet 8:00 pm
Apr14Sat Rod Williams Quartet 8:00 pm

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Logo of Cliff Bell's Cliff Bell's has joined the ranks of premier Jazz venues in the city of Detroit. Great music combined with a relaxed yet classy atmosphere creates a perfect evening for all occasions.

Please join us at our fully restored art-deco night-club in the heart of Detroit's historic entertainment district. Catch live jazz most nights or just stop in for a classic cocktail.

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